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Today Decides Tomorrow

Mural #2

"Our group wanted to put a positive twist on our climate change mural. Chico is an agricultural area in Butte County, in the Northern Sacramento Valley. We chose to address the energy sources used in agriculture in our area, and how they impact our community and the environment. Major crops include walnuts, rice, and almonds. Growing and processing crops like these uses significant amounts of energy and that has been a contributor to global warming. Switching to renewable energy technologies like wind turbines can help farmers while benefiting the community and the earth.  

The mural shows a bird, representing peace and holding a banner reading “Today Decides Tomorrow,” encouraging viewers to consider the consequences of farming techniques.  The diversity of hands representing farmers and community members are working together as they sow our state flower, the California poppy. By using bright colors we hope to get the attention of passersby and engage them in our message. It is time to come together and make positive changes that will affect generations to come." — Lulu, Rokee, Jennifer, Aaron, and Kate

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