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Hungry for Connection

Mural #1

The mural travels along the Sacramento Valley via the Sacramento River from Downtown Sacramento up to Mt. Shasta. It features climate resilient crops, as well as crops that are projected to have crop yields that stay constant or even increase with the onset of climate change. The mural connects the valley with food and clean transportation, allowing people to access clean, healthy, local food, and travel and recreate accessibly throughout the region with low emissions and costs. The valley utilizes flood plains for agriculture, and renewed wetlands and riparian zones for fish runs and local wildlife to thrive. It acknowledges local action via individual choices like food purchasing and sharing, as well as low emission travel and multi-unit living. It also recognizes climate change mitigation as well as resiliency through decreased emissions and water use, and increased water storage from wetlands, meadows, and riparian zones, as well as levees and hedgerows. It also includes community resiliency with city cooling centers, food co-ops and community gardens/roofs, and accessible trails.


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